Month: January 2013

Been there, done that: Ted Alexandro on the UCB, and the 2002 stand-up petition to NYC clubs

“New York City is the Mecca of standup comedy and we, as comedians, are proud to share that tradition with you, the clubs providing comedians with a venue to perform. However, while the clubs are thriving we feel that we are not being adequately compensated for our work. The weekend rates for comedians have seen a negligible increase in the past 15-20 years, and in some cases no increase at all. Again, New York City is the standard, and with this in mind we ask that our weekend pay be adjusted to a level commensurate with the revenue being...

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Adam Cayton-Holland’s late-night TV debut on Conan

Adam Cayton-Holland made his late-night TV debut last night on Conan. A stand-up comedian out of Denver, Cayton-Holland wrote about his feelings before the gig. It’s sincere and enlightening, and we learn that Cayton-Holland was a fan of Conan O’Brien before he even knew who Conan O’Brien was. He wrote, in part: “I’m excited to be appearing on a show that has become a badge of honor amongst my peers. I’m excited to have a great TV credit. But mostly, I’m just excited to meet Conan. And I can’t wait to stand next to him on television and look...

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The economics of the UCB, indie rooms and stand-up comedy: Adding it all up

When the Upright Citizens Brigade’s East Village theater celebrated its grand opening in November 2011, major print and broadcast media outlets showed up to interview the UCB’s Amy Poehler and Matt Walsh, and Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye showed up, too, to recognize the comedy collective’s tribute to his post-hardcore punk band’s philosophy of keeping ticket prices low for the fans. Close followers knew that the opening of the UCBEast took years to realize, negotiating with East Village neighbors and community boards in addition to renovations of the space on Avenue A and East Third Street. Hundreds of thousands of dollars...

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Comedy Headlines for 1/28/13

What’s happening in the comedy world now… FOX shut down production on Ben & Kate over the weekend. The network earlier last week announced it had pulled the rookie sitcom from the primetime schedule. Thirteen episodes aired. HBO has renewed Lena Dunham’s Girls for a third season, as previously reported by Dunham herself. Baba Booey! Gary Dell’abate gets his own VH1 show. For what it’s worth, he’ll be hosting VH1 Classic’s For What It’s Worth, debuting on Feb. 21 with fellow host Jon Hein. They’ll appraise pop-culture items. CBS continues liking celebrity prank shows. From LMNO Productions, who have...

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Panhandler Party on the NYC subway

What’s this: A prank on unsuspecting New York City residents and tourists, not conducted by Improv Everywhere? It’s possible. In fact, it’s happened before and will happen again. Anyone who rides the MTA’s subway lines knows what it’s like to have your ride interrupted by a panhandler. Last summer, comedians decided to see what would happen if an entire car on the 4 train were overrun by panhandlers. Panhandler Party! Featuring Nick Cobb and Jen Kwok as the two Tracys, Jane Aquilina, Rob King, Andrew Ginsburg, Sean Allison, and Gary Lee Mahmoud, who also wrote and co-produced this sketch. Roll...

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