Rob Riggle uses “Real Actors Against Web Videos” to launch his webseries, “Coogan Auto”

Attention, YouTubers!

Rob Riggle and his comedic colleagues who co-star in Riggle’s new webseries, “Coogan Auto,” have fired a shot across your bows. In their short promotional video, “Real Actors Against Web Videos,” Riggle, JB Smoove, Horatio Sanz, Jake Johnson and Alison Becker lump YouTube video-makers together as a sad, sad bunch. You know why YouTube videos are free? Because anybody can make them. No talent required.

Of course, it’s all in jest. Sort of. It’s definitely all in an effort to let you know that they’re in a new webseries of their own. And the fact that this “fake” PSA against webvideos comes to us via a TV show’s website (Conan’s Team Coco) underscores the leverage, authority and credibility that “real actors” have when they want to get our attention.

By the same token, though, even “real actors” on YouTube face the wrath of anonymous commenters such as “50Calabyte,” who watched the PSA and replied this morning: “This was great! I loved watching shitty TV actors who nobody knows about make a video complaining about a new form of media that’s taking their jobs.” Zing, counterzing.

So let’s see what the “Real Actors Against Web Videos” have to say for themselves.

And now let’s see the first of six episodes of “Coogan Auto,” written by Rob Riggle and Andrew Secunda. It’s executive produced by┬áPeter Principato, Paul Young, Ben Silverman, Drew Buckley, Rob Riggle and JB Smoove.

New episodes appear Mondays on the LOUD YouTube channel.

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