On The Tonight Show, Anthony Jeselnik previews his “Caligula” special

Anthony Jeselnik’s first hour-long TV special, Caligula, airs this weekend on Comedy Central in advance of his uncensored CD/DVD of the same name next week and his weekly cable series in February.

On Thursday night’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jeselnik opened his set by referencing Ryan Seacrest and the other men from American Idol still sitting next to Leno behind him.

“I feel like I’m performing on a lame version of American Idol,” Jeselnik quipped. “I’m serious. I feel like I’m on The X-Factor.” Zing.


Jeselnik handled the Tonight Show audience differently from a typical live show, only talking directly to them after a couple of jokes earned groans.

Here is a preview clip from “Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula,” which premieres Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, on Comedy Central. It’ll be available Jan. 15 on full-length uncensored CDs and DVDs. In this clip, he’s talking about how an ex-girlfriend considered filling out womens’ magazine quizzes a “fun activity.” It’ll show you where he got the title for his special, that’s for certain.

In a different girlfriend situation, Jeselnik wonders if her mom tried to have sex with him. “I love that joke so much,” he says afterward.

In this clip, Jeselnik jokes about his grandparents. Or does he?

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