After a hiatus of nine years, Spike TV has brought back reality series spoof/prank The Joe Schmo Show for a third season. When it premieres tonight, it’ll have the same gimmick as before: One of the characters competing for the big cash prize doesn’t know that everyone else on the show is an actor.

Well, this year’s “schmo” should know one of the actors already, since it’s Lorenzo Lamas.

Years from now, perhaps you’ll know one or more of the other actors, too.

After all, Kristen Wiig was hamming it up on The Joe Schmo Show before she ever hit SNL, playing “The Quack Marriage Counselor” “Dr. Pat” on season one in 2003.


Natasha Leggero appeared in the second season in 2004 as Rita “The Drunk.”

The 2013 cast includes:

Here are the first 10 minutes of season three of The Joe Schmo Show, which premieres tonight on Spike TV.