While FOX News tries to use propaganda to make you feel bad for “demonizing the rich,” the writers on long-running FOX hit comedy, The Simpsons, have a long-running mega-millionaire who does the demonizing himself. Mr. Burns. Missssssterrrrrr Burrrrrrrrnnnnnnss.

Usually, if you pay close enough attention during the opening credits, you’ll see the writers throw in a topical joke subtly via Bart’s disciplinary message on the chalkboard.

This time, they’ve written up a special PSA on the so-called “fiscal cliff” — so-called because of a mandated Dec. 31, 2012, deadline by which Congress must enact tax-and-spending changes, or else a very specific series of spending cuts and tax hikes will take effect in 2013 — courtesy of Mr. Burns.

Roll the clip, Smithers!