TBS, Conan announce plans to air crowd-sourced re-enactment “Occupy Conan” episode, contest

In the past couple of years, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has earned Emmy Awards and loyal viewers, in part, through its use of crowd-sourcing content — rewarding their biggest fans by leveraging social media to putting their Twitter suggestions into late-night TV segments.

The previous Late Night occupant, Conan O’Brien, found his fans so loyal two summers ago that when NBC spurned Conan, his fans rallied behind him as Team Coco, helping him ultimately find a new home at TBS and a website bearing their cause célèbre.

As Conan enters its third season, the TBS host announced an ambitious contest asking his Team Coco members to re-enact their favorite clips (from among 79 pre-selected) using real people, puppets, animation or any combination therein. One fortunate fan will win a VW Beetle! Two hundred (200) runners-up will win smaller Team Coco prize packages.

Here is Conan O’Brien relaying the news on Monday night’s episode. Roll it.

He also hosted an online-only clip explaining the rules.

To sum up:

  • Go to teamcoco.com/occupyconan
  • Are you 18 or older, and live in the lower 48 states of the United States or D.C.? If so, please continue…
  • Pick out clips from 79 chosen favorites
  • Follow the script and re-enact it with your friends (real or imaginary)
  • Make sure your Conan always has orange hair and wears a tie, and your Andy has blond hair and a tie
  • Don’t mistakenly include material copyrighted elsewhere
  • If you’re using one of the musical clips, you can download the Conan theme song and the “Ron Burgandy” flute music (available at the contest site)
  • After shooting and editing your entry, upload it online at the site
  • Do so by 3 p.m. Eastern, Jan. 4, 2013
  • Good luck!

Full rules for Occupy Conan here

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