Congratulations to Michael Malone, who edged out four other finalists and a couple of dozen other stand-up comedians to emerge victorious last night as winner of the 33rd annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. The final standings:

  1. Michael Malone (Los Angeles)
  2. Joe Klocek (San Francisco)
  3. Tyrone Hawkins (Tacoma)
  4. Landry (Atlanta/Toronto)
  5. Elliot Maxx (Seattle)

Festival organizers said the final week’s judging scores of the four-week, 25-night competition was so close that any of the five stand-up comedians could have won it Sunday night. In fact, Malone squeaked by Klocek by only .18 when all of the scores were tallied.

Klocek previously has reached the finals of the Seattle fest.

And here is another fun fact straight from SICC, too!

“This year’s fifth place finisher, Elliot Maxx, is not only the only person to have ever won the Seattle International Comedy Competition twice (once in 1982 under the name “Gary Larson” and then again in 1990)…BUT…in the very first EVER Seattle International Comedy Competition (in 1980), he finished (you guessed it)…fifth!”

As for your winner… Malone also already has jumped aboard this year’s hot trend in comedy by self-releasing his hour-long stand-up performance, “Casual Sext.” So if you’d like that for $5, you can click here.