Saturday Night Live has posted more and more of its sketches that didn’t make it past the live dress rehearsal. Last night’s episode — hosted by Jeremy Renner — contained a whopper of a Thanksgiving sketch that included a loud, audible “Oh shit!” moment.

Roll the clip!

In the sketch, Nasim Pedrad plays the family matriarch, giving thanks before the Thanksgiving meal about her daughters (played by Vanessa Bryant and Aidy Bryant), her daughter’s new husband (Tim Robinson) who still sports a nose ring, and her own third husband (played by Bill Hader). But it’s all a set up for her co-worker, Harriet (Kate McKinnon), to steal the scene.

For those of you insisting on playing the who’ll-be-the-new-Kristen-Wiig-on-SNL home game, you’ll be delighted to know that this sketch is right up your alley. McKinnon’s “Harriet” would fit in oddly nicely with several of Wiig’s out-of-place characters.

But things take an even more subversive turn when Harriet’s husband, Wendell (played by host Jeremy Renner) shows up outside the dining-room window. At first, it’s playful. If you pay attention, then you’ll notice that they wear matching sweatshirts — hers says “THANK,” his says “SGIVING.” Their interplay is funny and engaging.

The sketch is working.

Harriet’s disclosures are both disgusting and disgustingly funny. Her second beat with Wendell includes hard-hitting punchlines.

And then. You hear off-camera the sound of breaking glass. A voice blurts out, “Oh shit!” Cut to Renner, behind the window again, this time topless and declaring himself naked. “Is this what you want? Is this what you want!” The sketch continues with an absurd painting of Renner and McKinnon naked together on horseback, then McKinnon kicking her way out through the window.

So. Did you miss not seeing this on live TV? Would you like to have seen if Renner’s profanity would have made the cut?

Are you just happy that someone else has said a curse word on Saturday Night Live now? Discuss.