It took how many years for to figure out how to sell its domain-name hosting services in a truly sexy way?

Just kidding, GoDaddy. Just kidding. Because that’s normally what their TV spots do, leading you to think there’s going to be some sexy “unrated” content online after you watch the 30-second spot, only to misdirect you in its own cruel joke of a way, because unrated doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means. In the case of its latest ad, however, GoDaddy rethinks “sexy” with the introduction of Frank, a pizza maker played by stand-up comedian Joey “CoCo” Diaz.

Roll the clip!

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It has been a busy week in show business for Diaz. In addition to scoring this new national TV commercial, Diaz also was in an episode of Adult Swim’s Emmy-winning comedy, Childrens Hospital. And here’s a clip!