Inside and outside 30 Rockefeller Center, Jimmy Fallon and his Late Night staff produced their Monday episode a little bit earlier than usual. They could do so because they didn’t have a live studio audience. They had to do so because hurricane-force winds and storm surges from post-tropical storm Sandy forced them to, if they still wanted to broadcast a new show late Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

Here is Fallon’s cold open and monologue. He opened cold — and wet — on the street outside 30 Rock along 50th Street in Midtown Manhattan. His guests were Seth Meyers — SNL’s head writer, already in the building — plus Padma Lakshmi and Robert Zemeckis, and musical guest Imagine Dragons. Oh, and an abbreviated lineup of The Roots. Check out how Fallon acts if he still has a full audience, and how everyone else laughs at him.

And, well, if you count one of the show’s writers/characters, Mets Bucket Hat Guy, then yes, they did have an audience. Roll it.