A couple of years ago, you crazy kids went wild on Facebook with the notion that Betty White host Saturday Night Live at the tender age of 88. Sounded great, didn’t it? NBC and SNL listened, booking her for Mother’s Day weekend of 2010 and surrounding her with past SNL cast members to carry the bulk of the live sketch comedy load.

The rest of the world was watching, and before long, you could find all sorts of Facebook group/fan campaigns to put anyone and everyone on the show.

In 2012, NBC and SNL are on the crowd-sourcing bandwagon. They opened up the Internet to your suggestions for hosts and musical guests before the start of this 38th season. Today, SNL claimed that the main reason Louis CK is hosting on Nov. 3, 2012, with musical guest fun is because you demanded it — and then asked you for more names to host and/or perform live in concert later this season.

To wit:

Hey everybody! It’s that time again, when we open the floor to your suggestions for host and musical guest on Facebook and Twitter. Not sure if you all noticed, but we are listening. In fact, our next show (Nov 3rd) is hosted and musical guested by two of the top suggestions from the last time we did this: Louis C.K. and fun. The procedure is still the same: if you’re on Facebook, you can simply leave a comment on our “Suggestion” post and if you’re on Twitter, tweet us your suggestion with the hash tag #SNLHost or #SNLMusic. And please, stick to the designated days. It will make your suggestions so much easier to track and keep our feeds open on “non-suggestion” days to other interactions with all you wonderful people. Thanks! Can’t wait to hear from you all!

Thousands of Tweets already have poured in today using those hashtags.

Among the many suggestions are people who already have hosted and/or performed as SNL’s musical guest.

Ice skating Olympian Johnny Weir’s husband has mounted a campaign on his behalf, and @JohnnyGWeir himself Tweeted today: “If I ever hosted @nbcsnl I’d want a Donatella Versace skit. Also ‘Stefon’. Tweet to @nbcsnl if you want to see me there! #SNL #SNLHost

Social media being dominated by youth, there are plenty of requests and RTs on behalf of Demi Lovato. A pre-existing petition counts more than 3,000 signatures for Tom Hiddleston. Blake Griffin, Joe Manganiello, Jennifer Lawrence and Christina Aguilera also are popular choices at this writing. There are more than a few for either Donald Glover and/or Childish Gambino.

Some also have suggested former SNL cast member Ana Gasteyer, who is on ABC’s Suburgatory and appeared in a sketch this spring when fellow former SNLer Will Ferrell hosted. Gasteyer’s response @AnaGasteyer to the #SNLHost hashtag? ” I think It’s up to you Followers: RT“@atleve: @nbcsnl Please bring back @AnaGasteyer to host!!!!! #SNLHost”

For my money, back when the Betty White on SNL thing was a thing, I suggested Jonathan Winters as an even better elderly comedian host idea. But that’s just my bright idea. What’s yours?