Sandra Bernhard and Lizz Winstead in “Comedians Walking & Getting Mani-Pedis”

First, comedians discovered the podcast. And it was good? If not good, then at least, comedians discovered the power of speaking into a microphone on their own terms and on their own time to reach their own audiences.

Then all comedians were doing podcasts, and they all were talking to each other about this, that, and nothing in particular. And it was bountiful. You could Google any comedian you liked — or even Bing them! — and find a podcast somewhere in which said comedian was saying nothing.

And then Jerry Seinfeld said, wait a second, I’m the king of saying nothing. So sayeth Seinfeld, so sayeth Sony. And this begat a video chat series about nothing, which he and they brought upon the Earth called, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” And the comedy nerds said “Amen.”

Except for the comedy nerds who enjoy comedy that is spoken from the mouths of babes, and by babes, they meant women.

Upon thinking of this, Thinkr thought, let’s see what the female version of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” would be. And Thinkr thought. And Thinkr thought some more. And Thinkr thunk up this: Sandra Bernhard and Lizz Winstead in “Comedians Walking & Getting Mani-Pedis.”

Which is what they do in this video. They also talk about colonoscopies, the HBO series Girls, and candy. Is this a one-off, or will it become a series? Does it need to be a series? Did Seinfeld’s series need to be? Do all of these comedians talking to comedians for more than an hour about nothing in particular need to be podcasts? These all are rhetorical questions. For now.

Roll the clip!

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