Grace Helbig in 2012 Lowe’s TV ad campaign

I was pleasantly surprised the other night to see Grace Helbig after one of our mutual friends performed in a sketch show at the UCB Theatre in New York City.

Imagine that surprise multiplying by infinity not much later, when, upon arriving home and turning on my TV, I saw Helbig onscreen, too! The vlogging star of My Damn Channel’s Daily Grace (closing in on 299,000 YouTube subscribers, and more than 45.8 million views as of this writing) and contributor to G4’s Attack of the Show, Helbig now serves as spokeswoman for the current ad campaign for Lowe’s hardware stores.

Here’s a brand-new Lowe’s ad posted today, in which Grace shows us how to find a new air filter:

The Lowe’s TV ad that has been running for the past week has Grace helping out a couple that needs to repaint their home’s wall after the kids went crazy with the finger paints. Roll it!

And because you made it this far, your bonus round video clip comes from today’s Daily Grace, in which Amy Poehler — yes, AMY POEHLER — helps Grace answer your burning questions. Roll the clip!

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7 thoughts on “Grace Helbig in 2012 Lowe’s TV ad campaign

  1. Putting Grace Helbig in a commercial is the best decision Lowe’s ever made. I never watch commercials, and yet they’ve gotten me to watch every one with Grace. It’s all people seem to be talking about.

  2. Were you on trutv, all worked up with Byron Mckeldry? If not you sure remind me of her and her name was Grace.

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