Michelle Buteau on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Notice something different about this video?

Trick question. There actually are two things different about Michelle Buteau‘s appearance Tuesday night on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: 1) The red curtains, which represent the new TV studio Ferguson started using on Monday, which means Buteau was the first stand-up comedian to break it in, which also meant 2) that Buteau was able to perform that same night and receive the proverbial handshake-from-the-host afterward.

Ferguson’s show previously had been taping stand-up sets in advance (sometimes far in advance) so as not to have Ferguson bump them. Better to have them ready to fill in when time permitted.

Buteau didn’t have to wait! In this clip, she talks about saving money on her marriage, advice from her parents, her husband’s European accent and more.

Roll the clip.

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