With more than 27 years of stand-up comedy touring under his belt — and gigs as host of Family Feud, a morning radio program, plus a daytime syndicated talk-show starting up after Labor Day — Steve Harvey is calling it quits, at least as far as the stand-up portion of his career is concerned.

He’s going out with a pay-per-view bang tonight with a “Grand Finale” performance in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

The Vegas show tonight culminates a cross-country finale tour for the former member of “The Original Kings of Comedy” tour and movie. Harvey said: “The road to this final show has been an amazing journey, doing stand-up for the past 27 years, and I can’t thank fans enough after reflecting on all those years on stage.”

You can watch Steve Harvey’s final stand-up show On Demand.

Here’s a clip of Harvey reminiscing about his first time onstage as a stand-up comedian. Roll it.

But will Harvey really stay away from the stand-up stage for the rest of his life?

Katt Williams said he was retiring a few years ago, although he since has re-emerged in comedy clubs and theaters — not always doing stand-up routines, instead often telling stories and engaging with his audiences. Steve Martin, similarly, retired from stand-up. Martin does tell jokes on Twitter these days and manages to make people laugh onstage in between songs on his current tours with a bluegrass band. Eddie Murphy, meanwhile, has talked and talked and talked in the past few years about coming out of retirement as a stand-up comedian, only to leave audiences hanging. And Dave Chappelle — despite leaving his hugely successful TV series behind several years ago — pops up now and again with little notice in cities across America to perform stand-up.

So. Whom would you like to see really make a stand-up comeback? Post your answer in today’s poll and comments thread.

Which stand-up comedian would you like to see come back from "retirement" to perform full-time again?

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