David Letterman long has held a soft spot for comedians of his own generation, particularly if he was part of their circle in the Los Angeles comedy scene of the 1970s.

After hearing about Gallagher’s recent health and financial problems, Letterman invited the famous watermelon-smashing prop comedian from the 1980s onto the Late Show last night. Most of what was on Letterman’s mind was old news, really. Gallagher described his heart attack of 2010, and joked about how it reflected on his career that it had occurred in the back of a small club in Denton, Texas. In a later segment, Letterman wanted to know about the old feud that Gallagher had gotten into with his brother after his agreement to have the brother also perform but as Gallagher II. That’s seemingly patched up now.

Oh, and Gallagher also tried to sell Letterman on a new slot-machine game involving, you guessed it, watermelons.

Here is the first part of their discussion, which picks up after Gallagher entered the stage and hit rolls of confetti into the audience with a tennis racket. Roll it.

In coincidental good PR news for Gallagher, he also appears in a new ad for Geico insurance. Say hi to NYC-based comedians Will Hines and Matt Oberg, who also appear in the ad as two of Gallagher’s victims. Roll the clip!