Last Comic Tweeting: How many followers do your TV comedians have in 2012?

It has been a couple of summers since we last saw NBC’s Last Comic Standing, so perhaps this is as good a time as any to see how the past seven seasons of primetime stand-up comedians are faring in the public view. Who has an actual following after the cameras turn off?

Let’s crunch the numbers.

Your Last Comic Standing finalists and their Twitter followings as of June 15, 2012.

Season 1
Dat Phan, @Dat_Phan: 2,027
Ralphie May, @Ralphie_May: 38,176
Rich Vos, @RichVos: 25,269
Cory Kahaney, @CoryCajones: 106
Tess, N/A
Geoff Brown, @thegeoffbrown: 162
Dave Mordal N/A
Rob Cantrell, @RobCantrell: 1,962
Tere Joyce, @terejoyce: 177
Sean Kent, @seankent: 3,798

Season 2
John Heffron, @johnheffron: 21,121
Alonzo Bodden, @alonzobodden: 8,378
Gary Gulman, @garygulman: 5,257
Jay London, NA
Kathleen Madigan, @kathleenmadigan: 24,755
Tammy Pescatelli, @tammypescatelli: 39,671
Corey Holcomb, @thecoreyholcomb: 59,465
Ant, @antcomic: 28,869
Todd Glass, @toddglass: 58,306
Bonnie McFarlane, @bonniemcfarlane: 10,849

Season 4
Josh Blue, @JoshBlueComedy: 4,686
Ty Barnett, @tbarnett23: 577
Chris Porter, @IamChrisPorter: 2,806
Michele Balan, @michelebalan: 418
Roz, @ladyrozg: 126
Rebecca Corry, @therebeccacorry: 1,490
Kristin Key, @thekristinkey: 597
Gabriel Iglesias, @fluffyguy: 260,218
Joey Gay, @JoeyGay: 273
Bil Dwyer, @bildwyer: 666
April Macie, @aprilmacie: 11,759
Stella Stolper, @StellaStolper: 241

Season 5
Jon Reep, @JonReep: 12,846
Lavell Crawford, @Lavellthacomic: 15,153
Gerry Dee, @gerrydee: 45,112
Amy Schumer, @amyschumer: 116,626
Ralph Harris, @ralphharris: 2,466
Doug Benson, @dougbenson: 419,905
Matt Kirshen, @mattkirshen: 6,901
Debra DiGiovanni, @DebraDiGiovanni: 15,188
Dante, @dantethecomic: 1,722
Gina Yashere, @ginayashere: 5,589

Season 6
Iliza Shlesinger, @iliza: 25,176
Marcus, @ComedianMarcus: 1,539
Jeff Dye, @JeffDye: 8,783
Jim Tavare, @jimtavare: 2,342
Louis Ramey, @taserlove: 221
Sean Cullen, @mrseancullen: 6,349
Ron G., @ComedianRonG: 8,210
Adam Hunter, @AdamComedian: 4,151
Paul Foot, @paulfoot: 24,347
Papa CJ, @PapaCJ: 3,452
Esther Ku, @EstherKuKu: 2,785
God’s Pottery, @godspottery: 864

Season 7
Felipe Esparza, @funnyfelipe: 6,044
Tommy Johnagin, @tommyjohnagin: 19,196
Roy Wood Jr., @roywoodjr: 13,127
Mike DiStefano* @mike_destefano: 2,461
Myq Kaplan, @myqkaplan: 13,089
Jonathan Thymius, @JonathanThymius: 316
Rachel Feinstein, @rachelfeinstein: 7,873
Maronzio Vance, @MaronzioVance: 4,202
Laurie Kilmartin, @anylaurie16: 2,854
James Adomian, @JAdomian:  6,028


  • Dat Phan, 2,027
  • John Heffron, 21,121
  • Josh Blue, 4,686
  • Jon Reep, 12, 846
  • Iliza Shlesinger, 25, 176
  • Felipe Esparza, 6,044
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