Day: March 30, 2012

SNL to add Kate McKinnon to featured cast

The easiest way for me to tell you how thrilled I am about Kate McKinnon joining the cast of Saturday Night Live is to remind you what I’ve told readers about McKinnon. From my review of her “one-woman sketchtacular,” Kate McKinnon on Ice, last year during its run at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC (where she also performed with Maude sketch teams Gramps and High Treason): “how she hasn’t emerged already as a comedy star is beyond me” “What makes McKinnon so special is that she manages to be both charming and likable, while having a wild,...

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TV Guide Network dips toes into stand-up comedy, talk shows

The TV Guide Network wants to make you laugh while you wait for the channel listings to scroll past (although don’t you have another cable menu to use by now, so perhaps this network needs to produce original programming by now). And so. They announced two new comedy ventures this week. The first, hosted by Kate Flannery from The Office, is called Stand-Up For Stilettos, and will feature live stand-up comedy filmed in comedy clubs with women for 10 weeks, beginning Saturday, June 16, 2012. The second is called┬áRove LA, with a July 21 debut, as Australian comedian Rove...

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Bill Burr rails against the “nerds” of “Alternative Comedy”

On Bill Burr’s “Monday Morning Podcast,” Burr went off on a bit of a rant against the rise of nerds in comedy and how the so-called “alternative comedy” scene made it seem as though anyone could be a stand-up comedian. He really seems to be angrier about how “alt-comics” take shots at “club comics,” especially when they end up on bills together. Roll the clip. Where do you weigh in on this? Language is NSFW. Note: Even Burr knows he’s over-generalizing...

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FX expands late-night slate with order for W. Kamau Bell

FX continues to dip its toes into the late-night TV waters, green-lighting a six-episode order for a talk show hosted by W. Kamau Bell and executive produced by Chris Rock. It follows an order earlier this year for six late-night shows hosted by Russell Brand. As for Bell’s show, he told The Comic’s Comic that the deal just came together this week. The show doesn’t have a title yet or a staff. “Much to figure out,” Bell said. What is known? The weekly half-hour series will have Bell dissecting politics, pop culture, race, religion, the media and sex. So....

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