Day: March 20, 2012

The Onion’s NYC office auction/sell-off

Look. I know this isn’t the actual table. But still. The Onion’s editorial staff is facing a move this spring to Chicago to meet up with HQ (and The AV Club and advertising/sales staff to cut costs), so they’ve begun putting their New York City office supplies up for bid via Craigslist. The most visible feature is this “writers table” which is offered for $10,000 or best offer. As the Craigslist listing states: “This table is the site where tens of thousands of millions of ideas have been conceived, developed, painfully delivered, raised, nurtured and chucked into the world....

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Aziz Ansari jumps aboard self-published stand-up DVD trend

Three still makes a trend in modern journalism trendspotting, right? Regardless, Aziz Ansari has just become the third stand-up comedian who appears on TV and tours in theaters — his “Buried Alive” tour begins in April — ┬áto decide to release his latest stand-up special directly to fans via his own website. Louis CK earned a cool six-figures (plus) at the beginning of 2012 by selling his Beacon Theater performance directly to fans for $5, and Jim Gaffigan decided to follow suit (although his new special doesn’t “drop” until April). Ansari, who definitely has achieved star status based on...

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Dana Gould on Conan

Back in the day, stand-up comedians repeated their sets on multiple TV appearances. Because. Well. We didn’t have the Internet to save these performances for posterity (or as long as these individual Web-hosted video sites and channels exist). It’s rarer now. If you missed Dana Gould two months ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live, then you can see how his late-night TV set has evolved over the past two months. The opening and closing bits are different, but the middle tackles the same topics, albeit a little bit differently. Now he’s tagged his Stephen Hawking bit with a series of...

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