Watch a sneak peek of IFC’s “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

In case you missed it, IFC aired a special 10-minute sneak peek at its upcoming Comedy Bang! Bang! “talk show” last night following the second-season finale of Portlandia.

But since the Internet is all-knowing and all-giving, you didn’t miss it. It’s right here. Online. Waiting for you.

Fans of the podcast and forerunner for the Earwolf podcast network¬†already know about Comedy Bang! Bang! and how Scott Aukerman hangs out with his funny friends. The IFC series, coming in 10 half-hour episodes starting in June 2012, is a video re-interpretation of that, with elements that resemble a more traditional talk show. But, following IFC’s tagline — “always on, slightly off” — so is this. Reggie Watts is the house band. The featured sneak peek includes Aukerman receiving “celebrity advice,” interviewing Adam Scott, and a chat with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (who, as podcast fans already know, is really Paul F. Tompkins).

Enough teasing in print. Enjoy this tease in video. Roll it!

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3 thoughts on “Watch a sneak peek of IFC’s “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

  1. I think the CBB show will be the best thing ever or the worst thing ever. For some reason I’ve deicded it has to be one or the other, nothing in between. There is certainly enough material/characters/funny people involved to make it great, i just worry it won’t translate well to screen. For example, i find the Chupacabra/Fabrice Fabrice/Bobby B characters infinitely funnier as guests on a podcast then shoehorned into Nick Kroll’s Comedy Central special. It felt forced and I worry this show will feel the same.I’m putting way too much thought into a show I won’t be able to see unless it’s on Hulu.

    1. Very true. How many times in the past have we heard about IFC’s rebirth only to be let down by more cheap, cprapy shows. The development slate is laughable not in a good way and there is nothing on there that is at all interesting. ONN/Portlandia will wind down, the hype will go away, and the same small audience will reveal itself as the core audience of IFC. IFC’s brand isn’t in need of a rebirth’ but they should really think about letting go of their awful development team if this is what they are following up with what limited success they’ve had thus far.

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