Of all of the arguments about women in stand-up comedy, the one I never ever hear is the portrayal of female stand-up comedy in TV ad campaigns.

Because it’s almost always for feminine hygiene products, showing us a woman onstage with a microphone making jokes about whatever problem the product is designed to solve. This new campaign kicked off by Kotex this week, “Stand Up For Real,” features comedian Andree Vermeulen (a frequent performer with the UCB Theatres).

Roll the clip.

Do you think TV commercials that portray female stand-up comedians help shape how the mainstream masses feel about women in comedy? Or is this all a bunch of hogwash? And who would wash anything with hogs? Aren’t hogs covered in mud? I know, I know. I’ve just gone off-topic. Back on topic.

Stand-up comedy portrayals in TV ads. Like ’em? Love ’em? Loathe ’em? Let me know your take on it.