Will Ferrell has put out two new beer commercials, but only one of them is real, and that one only played during the Super Bowl in the second-smallest TV market in America. Go figure.

The real commercial for Old Milwaukee played on Super Bowl Sunday in one market only, North Platte, Nebraska’s KNOP Ch. 2. Here is the ad.

And here is what KNOP-TV had to say about it Monday. Curious they didn’t have the actual footage themselves to play, and instead relied on YouTube! Said station manager Lewys Carlini: “I found it interesting and odd that they would pick KNOP in North Platte, the second smallest market in the nation for the spot to run and that’s all that ran…hitting the hopes that it would go viral and apparently it did.”

The other Will Ferrell beer ad is for Scorpion Beer, which isn’t a real thing. Roll it.

Instead, it’s promotion for his upcoming Spanish-language film, Casa de mi Padre.