SNL #37.12 RECAP: Host Daniel Radcliffe, musical guest Lana Del Rey

Are you ready for Harry Potter in his life after Harry Potter? Or said another way, who wants to see Daniel Radcliffe host Saturday Night Live? If only that were the talking point coming out of this weekend.

Let’s get to the recap!

Oh, look, it’s Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) trying to relate to people in South Carolina and talking NFL playoffs. Sort of. And jokes about laying people off. Not really much else to say here, is there?

Daniel Radcliffe joked about the end of Harry Potter, as well as mentioning the end of his Broadway run, and asking Lorne Michaels not to do certain Potter-themed sketches. Which gave several cast members the chance to walk onstage and tease you with those ideas.

Oh, right. The Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais was so outrageous as that comedian saying what he believed to be funny things about people attending the Golden Globes. What will they think of next? J-Suds plays Gervais in this new promo. What other obvious things can they think of next?

What’s this? Target Lady is back!? Quelle surprise! Kristen Wiig’s Target Lady hasn’t been seen in several Gillys. Was it worth the wait? Did the distance make her return more fond? Radcliffe plays an often-topless clerk, with Bill Hader as their boss. I. Don’t. Even. Know. What. To. Say. Except one-word sentences are lame, too.

You Can Do Anything? is a fake talk-show that celebrates the YouTube generation. Vanessa Bayer and Bill Hader are your hosts. Their guests have no idea how mediocre they are. Because that’s what the YouTube generation is all about. Oi.

So here is the Harry Potter sketch. It’s the “epilogue” to the series in 2020, and Potter is still sticking around campus like the BMOC. Taran Killam and Abby Elliott are the Ron and Hermoine to his Harry, while Paul Brittain shows up as the “villian” and Bill Hader is the Rickman character.

Oh. Lana Del Ray. This is “Video Games.” She has a, uh, certain stage presence. Let’s just go with it for a second.

Weekend Update. Oh, look. It’s Kim Jong Un’s two best friends from growing up, who look suspiciously like the friends of Gaddafi? No. They look exactly like those people.

Not entirely sure why or how Daniel Radcliffe is pretending to be Casey Anthony’s dog, still with his British accent. Well, I suppose he is supposed to be a Yorkshire Terrier.

Fast-forward 100 years to 2112, and this theater that’s putting on a production of what life is like in 2012. Sounds awkward. Why can I see the boom mic!?

Glenda Okones is running for mayor and running attack ads…against herself. Uh oh.

Wait. After real ads, there’s already another fake mayoral ad for Glenda Okones (Wiig)? Oh boy.

OK. This is different. Jay Pharoah is starring in “The Jay Pharoah Show” with guest Daniel Radcliffe? I’m not sure what to make of this. Pharoah does his Denzel for a second. And also his Will Smith. And Chris Rock. And Tracy Morgan. That was it? But why?

A third mayoral ad? Alrighty.

Once again, Lana Del Ray. She doesn’t so much sing as she does breathy talk, but is that any reason to gang up on her? Discuss.

This exit polling sketch with Wiig and Radcliffe is missing something. What is it? What could it be?

The fake iPhone app ad. I. Get. It. Thanks for the headz up!

And that’s it? That’s it. See you next time.

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