Chris Gethard takes off shirt, takes on all other authors to promote his book

Authors will go to many lengths to promote books, particularly their first one. They’ll do any and all interviews. They’ll go on tour to the smallest towns and oddest retail locations.

And if you’re comedian Chris Gethard, you’ll take off your shirt and take on all other authors in a series of videos. Which is what Gethard began doing on Monday, asking viewers to suggest competitors for him to call out via Twitter and the hashtag #GethardKingofAuthors. Is this “A Bad Idea I’m About to Do”? Well, that is the title of Gethard’s book.

Not to worry. His targets so far are pleased to be included. Chuck Klosterman wrote on Twitter last night, “That was awesome.” Followed by: “It was honestly hilarious (and weirdly complimentary). I will buy your book.” He wrote that after watching this. Roll it.

Here is what Gethard had to say about R.L. Stine.

And Stine’s reply? “Chris, thanks for the shoutout. My hardcover novel for adults, Red Rain, will be pubbed in Oct. Good luck w/ your book.”

Earlier in the day, Gethard still had his shirt on to take on Tim Ferriss. Things got hot and heavy. No wonder he went topless afterward!

Gethard will be on your TVs tonight as a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

You can pre-order his book via Amazon:

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