Day: January 3, 2012

A conversation between two network TV executives before green-lighting “Work It” and “¡Rob!”

Midseason TV begins in earnest this week, although it’s difficult to use the word “earnest” when the big four networks are subjecting us to blights upon humanity such as Work It and ¡Rob! How could these shows make it past the initial pitch meeting, much less produce a pilot, and then having watched said pilot, the networks said, yes, let’s make more episodes of this?!?! I imagine it might have gone something like this… CBS Executive: “How’s your midseason slate looking for January?” ABC Executive: “Pret-ty good!” CBS Executive: “Congrats on opening up a new hour-long block of sitcoms on Tuesday....

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Comedians: Please fill out this survey to help The Actors Fund help you

You may not know about it or need it now, but The Actors Fund could help you out in the long run. When Comedy Central established The Comedy Awards last year, the network also created The American Comedy Fund specifically to help members of the comedy community (related reading: See the letter entertainment fund chiefs wrote about the importance of giving money to the fund). It’s administered by The Actors Fund and The Motion Picture & Television Fund, in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation. A year later, The Actors Fund is asking comedians to take part in an...

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Chris Gethard takes off shirt, takes on all other authors to promote his book

Authors will go to many lengths to promote books, particularly their first one. They’ll do any and all interviews. They’ll go on tour to the smallest towns and oddest retail locations. And if you’re comedian Chris Gethard, you’ll take off your shirt and take on all other authors in a series of videos. Which is what Gethard began doing on Monday, asking viewers to suggest competitors for him to call out via Twitter and the hashtag #GethardKingofAuthors. Is this “A Bad Idea I’m About to Do”? Well, that is the title of Gethard’s book. Not to worry. His targets...

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