Month: January 2012

Gilbert Gottfried explains his sense of humor to Richard Belzer

I’m not sure what the Intelligent Channel is on YouTube or why this exists, but I’m glad it exists. Richard Belzer sat down with Gilbert Gottfried for 20 minutes and talked to him about his jokes — including the Japanese tsunami jokes that got him fired from his Aflac gig, as well as the seminal moment after 9/11/2001 when Gottfried told “The Aristocrats” joke during a Roast of Hugh Hefner. If you enjoy comedy, then you’ll enjoy this. Roll...

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RIP Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn, who had suffered from pancreatic cancer and had lost his eyesight in the past year, died on Friday following heart attacks and a stroke. He was in his 40s. But when he appeared last July on Robert Kelly’s “You Know What Dude” podcast at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival, Lynn was hoping for a kidney transplant more than a development deal — which he had secured on a previous Montreal trip in 2005 and said he squandered by spending it on cars and hookers. You can hear Lynn tell his story here. Lynn had a half-hour Comedy...

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Help the late Phil Hartman earn a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame and bid in his charity auction

There are many injustices in the comedy world. One of the biggest remains the fact that we no longer have Phil Hartman’s comedic brilliance to enjoy in new and wonderful roles. Another is realizing that the late Hartman — star of Saturday Night Live, NewsRadio, The Simpsons and more — doesn’t have his own star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. I know, right?!? Well, we can help fix this. And if you’d like to have yourself a unique, one-of-a-kind Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer doll, then you can do that, too, by taking part in a charity auction in February benefiting...

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Adult Swim orders late-night “talk show” for Eric Andre with Hannibal Buress

If you think the late-night talk-show format is dead, then perhaps you may be interested to hear about Eric Andre’s new show on Adult Swim, with Hannibal Buress as his sidekick. Adult Swim announced production of The Eric Andre Show, a parody of late-night talkers with Buress playing Andre’s “apathetic co-host” on a supposed public-access TV channel in an alternate reality. Production comes from Abso Lutely (the folks behind Tim & Eric), with Andre listed as an e.p. alongside Daniel Weidenfeld and Dave Kneebone. The show will debut later this year. As you can see, sponsors already are lining...

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On Conan, John Mulaney loves Law & Order: SVU more than a dinner date with his parents

John Mulaney used to tell the greatest bit that defined all Law & Order stand-up bits. NBC no longer makes new episodes of Law & Order, but the network still has Law & Order: SVU on the schedule,¬†and still has Ice-T on the case as a detective, which amuses Mulaney to no end. He shares his thoughts on this during his upcoming new Comedy Central special and CD, New in Town, as well as on last night’s episode of Conan. Mulaney also wonders why anyone would want to make a date with their significant other’s parents. Roll...

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