Patton Oswalt is making the late-night TV rounds to promote his new movie, Young Adult, but when he hit Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Oswalt wanted to reveal something about his first professional acting gig as a recurring guest star on King of Queens. Namely, that the writers room was full of potheads. Major potheads. As in: “I’ve never worked with a stonier crew than the Kings of Queens writers and producers.”

That’s not only what Oswalt told Fallon and the audience, but also what he showed in video evidence of some of the oddities that exist in almost every King of Queens episode thanks to the writers and producers being high. In one episode in which Oswalt’s character had no lines, they asked him to stand motionless in the background to see just how creepy it would look, and if anyone would notice. They rolled the clip. Now you roll the clip!

Suddenly I’m more interested in stopping by a syndicated episode of King of Queens just to hunt for the easter eggs.