Amy Poehler in the UCB movie Freak Dance

UCB’s “Freak Dance” movie debuts at Austin Film Festival

Hey kids of all ages, kids who love dancing, and kids who love the Upright Citizens Brigade. If you live anywhere near Austin, Texas, then you have the chance to see the UCB4’s latest feature film before everyone else, as Freak Dance premieres this weekend at the Austin Film Festival.

Described as “a dance musical parody in the vein of Electric Boogaloo, Step Up, Dirty Dancing, You Got Served and every other dance movie ever made,” Freak Dance centers on a beautiful young woman who dreams of becoming the best dancer ever, all while a community center is in peril, and there are, of course, freaky dancers.

You’ll see all of the UCB4 — Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts — plus Horatio Sanz, Tim Meadows, Andy Daly, Michael Cassady, Megyn Hehn and many more UCB up-and-comers. Besser wrote the screenplay, and directed it with Neil Mahoney.

Roll the trailer!

Freak Dance screens Friday and Sunday night at the Austin Film Festival.

Still want more info? Then watch these Freak Dance PSAs: Grinding Causes PregnancyMasturbate Before the Date; Protection From Grinding.

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