Occupy Comedy: Jeffrey Ross roasts, Jamie Kilstein goes “undercover,” John Oliver is the 98%

Some of the people who have joined the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC and other cities across America may be ridiculous, but the movement is anything but.

Comedians, of course, are trying to tap into the activist community to both help it and mock the system.

This week, we’ve seen Jeffrey Ross show up at the steps of Los Angeles City Hall to roast Wall Street, and also some of the people in the audience. In all seriousness, though, he added: “I love that you’re taking patriotism by the balls.” Roll the clip.

Jamie Kilstein, meanwhile, went the other route, trying to outfox the rich conservatives by going “undercover” and exposing Occupy Wall Street in this Funny or Die video. They’re such crazies, ain’t they?

And The Daily Show with Jon Stewart sent correspondent John Oliver down to Wall Street to make sense of it all. Leave it to the people who put on a rally to restore sanity in D.C. that drew hundreds of thousands to figure out why the 98 percent of us — who are neither the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans nor the other 1 percent who are actively protesting and sleeping in the parks — haven’t gotten off of our asses and helped fix the gross inequalities that are ruining our economy and way of life.

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