Look. People are submitting videos this month for the annual Andy Kaufman Award competition (the submission date deadline was this past Monday, I just found out), and I just feel as though in the past couple of years, the awards have become, well, less Andy Kaufmanesque? Less weird. Less special.

Which is why I was so pleased to see Brent Weinbach last night on Conan. Weinbach won the Andy Kaufman Award a few years ago. Last night he proved again why he’s operating at a different level than your “regular” stand-up comedian, and why that’s a good thing. Also, I’d like to see a show that’s just my favorite eccentric stand-ups trying to be “regular,” with Weinbach and Maria Bamford and more. Also also, Conan O’Brien decided to grow his beard back. Weird beards rejoice!

OK. Roll the clip.