On Conan, Brent Weinbach proves again why he has won the Andy Kaufman Award

Look. People are submitting videos this month for the annual Andy Kaufman Award competition (the submission date deadline was this past Monday, I just found out), and I just feel as though in the past couple of years, the awards have become, well, less Andy Kaufmanesque? Less weird. Less special.

Which is why I was so pleased to see Brent Weinbach last night on Conan. Weinbach won the Andy Kaufman Award a few years ago. Last night he proved again why he’s operating at a different level than your “regular” stand-up comedian, and why that’s a good thing. Also, I’d like to see a show that’s just my favorite eccentric stand-ups trying to be “regular,” with Weinbach and Maria Bamford and more. Also also, Conan O’Brien decided to grow his beard back. Weird beards rejoice!

OK. Roll the clip.

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