Dane Cook on his new deal with NBC, and spend an hour with him on Google

Dane Cook is among several comedians who have scored pilots and/or development deals with broadcast networks in recent months.

Cook, who broke ranks with manager Barry Katz and New Wave a year ago, hasn’t decided what his potential sitcom will be just yet, but he did have a few words to say about returning to television (Cook’s first big break was in a short-lived 1995 ABC sitcom, Maybe This Time), which he shared with The Comic’s Comic:

“NBC has a rich tradition of embracing comedians and comedic actors, allowing them to develop a very particular set of skills they have acquired over a very long career. I’m exuberated today, which is why I am celebrating this new venture by taking up proximity jumping archery.

A few notes regarding my above statement. I’ve never had a chance to use the term “rich tradition” outside of describing coffee farmers, so that’s a plus. For years I’ve been trying to find a word that would beat my spell check and exuberated did it. Finally, I’ve hidden a quote from on of my favorite Liam Neeson kidnapping dramas in the first paragraph. Can you find it?”

Cook shared more than a few words with the people at Google earlier this month. In this extended chat, you’ll learn, among other things, how Cook’s childhood years were influenced by Saturday Night Live, his family’s enjoyment of SNL, and his desire to please his sisters and parents would fuel his determination to become a stand-up comedian. You’ll also want to hear how Cook decided early on to use the Internet and social media to his advantage.

Roll it.

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