The other night, FX’s Rescue Me ended its run, and during the finale, WeightWatchers ran a commercial featuring comedian and Rescue Me co-star Lenny Clarke.

Roll the clip!

Looking good, Lenny! We’ll see you again on our TVs soon enough as he’ll be playing Chelsea Handler’s father on the NBC midseason sitcom Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea.

In more surprising weight-loss news — as well as surprising vlogging news — Carlos Mencia reappeared on his YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago to resume his “week in review” monologues about news headlines that have piqued his interest. He looked a lot thinner than you remember him. Even if you had seen his previous dispatch in mid-May.

Here is his most recent vlog, uploaded on Friday. Roll it.

I wonder if Mencia used The Belly Burner again. Because he appeared in an ad for it a few years ago, but he’s even lost more weight since then.

Step back into your time machines now with this clip!

We’ll see how the public really reacts to Carlos Mencia when his latest one-hour stand-up special debuts on Comedy Central in December.

Personally, I think it’s great that these guys are getting into better shape and looking out for their health. As for Jonah Hill getting all skinny, I still think that’s just too weird to process for comedy, particularly since chubby Jonah is in a new movie right now called Moneyball.