Joe Mande pays attention to Gilbert Arenas on Twitter, prompting NBA star to post barbs, delete account

One way comedians can raise their profiles via social media is by taking on the rich and famous. Joe Mande has made it a habit to poke fun on Twitter at celebrities, politicians, athletes and people who are famous for being famous, exposing their hypocrisies.

Today Mande took his mockery much further than 140 characters, as he decided he needed to write something about NBA star Gilbert Arenas and his many sexually explicit Twitter profile pictures. In a post on Mande’s Tumblr titled, “Can we talk about Gilbert Arenas’ twitter profile pictures?”, Mande noted that Arenas has posted and since erased many silly things on his Twitter feed.

Mande wondered:

My guess is, Gilbert got a call from his agent sometime this weekend, who said, “Hey Gil, would you mind deleting that tweet you wrote about how you kick women out of your bed when you’re done having sex with them? And the other one about how you want those women to drive themselves home after you’re done having sex with them, even if they might be drunk, because you’re too busy sleeping alone in your king size bed? Oh, and also the one about the box of stolen female toiletries you keep in your bathroom? Actually… just delete all the tweets you’ve ever written ever. Is that cool? Thanks, buddy.”

Gilbert Arenas likes to remind his followers that he’s a comedian. If you’re offended by his words, then you are stupid and can’t take a joke. I understand that sentiment 100%. The thing is, I’m pretty sure Gilbert Arenas is not a comedian. I may be wrong, but I don’t think he’s ever actually gotten up on a stage and told jokes. If he is a comedian, he’s a comedian the same way I’m a basketball player. Meaning, I’m a terrible basketball player. (Currently, there is only one professional basketball player/comedian and his name is Ron Artest Metta World Peace.)

This got the attention of none other than Gilbert Arenas, who began jabbing back at Mande on Twitter via his account @agentzeroshow. This amused Mande, naturally, as it played right into his hands:

This only egged Arenas on…

This amused Mande, too, even if the responses weren’t always entirely clear.


At this point, Arenas decided to try to find out who Mande was. Google alert!This may have surprised Mande, but he took it in stride and jokingly offered a spot for Arenas at one of his future shows.

Until Arenas announced he was just having fun.


And just like that, Arenas had deleted all of his Tweets, leaving only a sneaker giveaway up on his feed.

Wait. What was that last part in which Arenas wished Mande luck with his comedy career because Arenas “wanna be one” when he retires from basketball???? Uh oh.

UPDATED: Within hours, Arenas deleted his entire Twitter account. Wow.

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