In case you missed last night’s episode of Louie, or even if you did watch it, a funny highlight put Louis CK into a writer’s room with a bunch of comedians hired to punch up a weak screenplay in the weeks before production.

And our titular comedian/auteur/filmmaker cast a wide net when casting his comedian writers, including Ali Farahnakian (a founding member of both the Upright Citizens Brigade and The PIT, rocking his PIT hat!), Amir Blumenfeld from CollegeHumor’s popular Jake and Amir series (who got a bit of a comeuppance for his cliche ideas), and the great up-and-coming stand-up Joe DeRosa (not pictured here, but who somehow managed to tap into the bitter cynical comedian role CK wrote for him). Of course, CK emerged the big winner in this scene, and somehow still screwed the pooch. That’s Hollywood.