Todd Glass flips the format on Jimmy Kimmel Live

TV shows and their online video policies are weird. Take Jimmy Kimmel Live, for instance. The ABC late-night chat show has its own YouTube channel and puts most of every episode online the next morning, but does so by splitting every segment up into multiple bits. I learned from another late-night show that this happens because the networks have rules (with SAG and AFTRA? with the WGA? or all three?) about how much of the show can be viewed at once online.

So we’re left with this, having to watch our favorite comedian on the panel in three separate videos, or in the case of Todd Glass last night, two separate videos. But in this case, it’s perfectly legitimate, as he does both stand-up and panel — except his time in the chairs is unlike anything you’ve seen in a long time.

In the first part, Glass jokes about not being able to follow directions if they’re north, south, east and west.

In the second part, Glass decides he needs to sit down like a normal panelist. Things get weirder from here. It’s like The Change-Up. In theaters today! Freaky Friday, indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Todd Glass flips the format on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. did anyone else find his set on jimmy kimmel last night (8-4-11) to be painfully not funny at all???

    wowww i wasnt sure if jimmy waa in on iy or not but holy hell that was awful! he was drowning in sweat at the end and said he would ‘ stab his gf in the head for jimmys show
    ‘ and the audience was like wtf?!

    1. Worst thing I’ve ever seen on Jimmy’s show. Had to get up and check online to
      find out who that douche was. Whenever a guest tries to dominate a talk host I
      want to strangle them.

      1. Comedically, that was some of the most painful to watch television ever. I get the feeling it was not planned, and Todd Glass may never appear on a talk show again.

  2. Wow. I assumed people who came to this site would have loved this. Todd Glass is hilarious and part of what he does is deconstruct comedy. I thought this was a very funny and daring performance. And Jimmy Kimmel is very much in on the joke. I thought it was great!

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