It’s the Fourth of July Weekend (almost) and even closer to Canada Day (for you Canadians), and it’s Thursday in the U.K., so why not celebrate with a good ol’ fashioned new-media battle of the wits from across the pond?

Yanksvbrits To celebrate its new “Ministry of Laughs” comedy block of TV programming, BBC America is partnering up with today for Yanks Vs. Brits, a real-time roast playing out over WitStream and Twitter.

The Yanks include: @shanecomedy








The Brits include: @TonyCowards



@mattkirshen & @cmb

If you miss it today, they’ll regroup for two more sessions this summer:

  • Airline Joke-Off Saturday, July 16, 2011 6PM PT | 9PM ET (2AM BST on July 17th) Frequently funny frequent flying comedians will wax on tweeting about airline food, annoying passengers, crap conditions and more.
  • Oy! and Oi! Saturday, July 30, 2011 6PM PT | 9PM ET (2AM BST on July 31st)                     From Mazel tov to Marmite – comedians from both traditions mix it up, tweeting about their own hilarious takes on food and family.