In case you missed it earlier this month, NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is repeating Larry David’s first appearance on the program tonight.

In this clip, Larry David reveals that Leno first asked him on the program way back in 1992, when the Seinfeld program he’d co-created was still in its infancy. Was it worth the wait? He’ll tell you before you even need to ask.

Leno also recalls how David used to act as a stand-up comic, not even bothering to say “hello” to the audience, and ready to bail as soon as he didn’t feel the audience’s attention on him.

You can then move past the bowels to see/hear part 2, in which Larry David talks about having disgust for himself, questioning Leno’s denim fetish¬†and writing for Saturday Night Live, and part 3, in which Larry David talks about being divorced.