Yoplait has pulled one of its TV spots after hearing complaints from the National Eating Disorders Association. Here's the press release from the NEDA applauding Yoplait's decision.

I don't get it, exactly. Isn't the whole point of yogurt that people eat that instead of eating real food? Yoplait has successfully employed comedians on their ad campaigns, and this particular ad was no different, featuring comedic actress Emily Tarver, who had this to quip upon learning of the decision: "So they pulled my yogurt ad because it "promotes eating disorders". Ironically, now I will not be able to afford to eat."

She then added the following day: "Dear NEDA, you owe me an approximate estimated possible total of 1 brillion dollars. Make the check out to Go Eat Diarrhea Soup. :("

Here's the ad so you can make your own call on it. Roll it!