First photos on set of Sean Hayes and the new cast of The Three Stooges

This is your new Larry? Let me clarify for the kids out there who did not have birthday pizza parties at Shakey's while The Three Stooges played in black-and-white on the big screen.


This is Sean Hayes as Larry from the revamped version of The Three Stooges, which The Farrelly Brothers are making into a movie right now in production outside of Atlanta? I guess so. That's Chris Diamantopoulos behind him, as Moe, seen applying eye drops between takes. Will Sasso (not pictured here) plays Curly.

I don't know. I'll believe it when I see it. And even though I see this photo, I still don't believe in remaking The Three Stooges with three new guys who weren't already brothers and/or friends.

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