Remember how Mike Epps allegedly got into a fight with a photographer in a Detroit nightclub back in November, and then the photog filed a $1 million lawsuit against the comedian?

Well, Epps must have been avoiding the lawsuit, because a process server had to walk up to the stage in the middle of his stand-up show last week in Texas to formally serve him notice of the suit. That's got to be worse than heckling, psychologically, at least. Gets right into his head. But this is what a process server does — not the heckling part, but the part in which you do whatever it takes to make sure the person named in a complaint or summons is notified officially and cannot claim ignorance about the suit.

Not sure Epps handled this the best way, however, as a process server is not just any heckler. And what he said about his case was caught on videotape by TMZ.

Roll the evidence.