Chuck Lorre said he was going to cool it with the vanity-card notes about Charlie Sheen, but that was before Sheen went full-on "Tracy Jordan" with his PR offensive against everybody and everyone, and seeing how Sheen is "winning" — Lorre had to reply with something about the star of his current top-rated CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men, with this vanity card at the end of last night's episode of Mike and Molly:


Lest I fall prey to the "further speculation," let me just remind you that by capitalizing Grace, he is reminding himself and you and me that Chuck Lorre has been there and done that before. In 1993, Lorre created ABC's Grace Under Fire, starring Brett Butler. That show also became a top-ten hit, but fell prey to squabbles between the star (Butler) and the creator/showrunner (Lorre). Butler won out, but she eventually ended up in rehab herself, and the network cancelled the show abruptly. Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, back in 2011, Charlie Sheen continues to provide soundbites galore to live TV and radio, and his publicist has quit.