Comix has closed. No more funny business.

Rumors of Comix's demise are no longer rumors. The comedy club on the edge of New York City's Chelsea and Meatpacking districts, the only club in the city to straddle the lines between traditional comedy club and indie comedy club, shuttered late Saturday night after four years.

Many former employees showed up. Judah Friedlander, then Christian Finnegan, closed out the comedy club's formal existence before a packed crowd.

The new owners tried to promise all sorts of things when they spoke to me last month, but things quickly went south. How quickly? Within days, veteran stand-up comedian Bobby Slayton was telling anyone who'd read his Twitter feed that he and others had been stiffed on their paychecks by the club. Apparently, there was a million-dollar investor who the owners were relying on, but who stiffed them instead. Then comics weren't the only workers getting stiffed by the club. More employees were let go. The club stopped restocking paper. And on Saturday, performers were notified when they showed up that this was it. There will be no more. It was a beautiful space and everyone from comedians to employees loved it, but whether it was location location location, or something else, Comix never quite worked as perfectly as it should have.

There will be an auction on Tuesday. Details:

TUESDAY— FEBRUARY 15, 2011 — 2:00 PM


Don’t miss this Huge Auction. Everything Like Brand New, 2 Blodgett Full Size
Gas Convection Ovens, 3Ft Charcoal Grill, Pitco Pasta Cooker, Garland 10 Burner
Stove, 4 Pitco Fryers, 24Ft Chef’s Line, Berkel S.S. Slicer, Robot Coupes, Panini
Grills, 1,000Lb & 1,500Lb Ice Machines, Glass Door Refrigerators, Jackson Upright
Pass-Thru Dishwasher with S.S. Drain Boards, 10×24 Combo Walk-In Refrigerator,
Vitamix Blenders, S.S. Sinks & Tables, Security Camera System, 300 Hi-End Stack
Chairs, 150 Tables All Sizes, Metro Racks, Perlick 5 Tap Beer System, 2 Bars, 10 Ice
Bins, 6 Perlick 5 Ft Back Bars, Late Model Micros POS System with 6 Screens & 10
Printers, Panasonic Phone System, Flat Screen TV’s, 10Ft Leather Bar, 25 Leather
Bar Stools, Fine Leather Banquets, Glass Washers, Lounge Chairs, 2 Head Slush
Machine, 24Ft Wood Bar, Bar Supplies, Sound, DJ, Stage & Lighting Equipment,
Speakers, Mixers, Amplifiers, Turntables, Equalizers, Projection TV’s, Egro Swiss
Coffee System, Fine English China Dinnerware, Glassware, Flatware, S.S. & Aluminum
Pots, Pans, Trays, Sauce & Fry Pans, Utensils, Sheet Pans, Chaffing Dishes, Glass
Racks, Stemware, Metal Lockers, Safes, 20 Walkie Talkie System & Much More.
Inspection: Day Of Sale 1 PM to SaleTime. Terms: Cash Or Bank Cashiers Checks
Payable to Michael Amodeo & Co., Inc. 15% buyers premium. DCA#528663.

Auctioneers Phone: 212-473-6830 or 917-776-1080.

353 WEST 14th STREET, New York, NY 10014


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9 thoughts on “Comix has closed. No more funny business.

  1. Ever since the day I went to Comix to see Dat Phan perform, I wanted to be a stand-up comedian. And I wanted to be one there, at Comix.
    I always dreamed of being able to work at Comix comedy club. I am a new york city comedian who is young and I try my very best to be a good stand up comedian. I go to open mics and sometimes perform for strangers on the subway. I write jokes constantly and meditate to make my material better. I watch Russell Peters and Carlos Mencia every single day so that I can see how the best comedians in the world do what I want to do, which is make people connect and laugh, LAUGH HARD. I have taken 3 stand up classes and read articles online and in magazines to learn even more. I go to shows all the time and try to make friends with comedians who i respect. The reason I do all of this is so I can be a comedian at Comix Comedy Club, and now this dream is an impossible one. It is now a nightmare.
    Rest in Peace Comix Comedy Club, you were an amazing place that I loved, you will be missed, by me, and by other fans of good comedy that makes you laugh.
    Also, check out my clips online doing my stand-up, hopefully someday I will be rich enough from comedy that I can buy the comedy club and call it comix again, and then this dream will be A REALITY.

  2. hm.. i guess we could compare who headlines at Comix and who headlines at NYCC? hm.. Comix definitely have tromped NYCC

  3. Mike Romer was one of the new owners and rubbed everyone in the comedy business the wrong way. He cursed, threatened, didn’t pay, wanted shows like “Fu*k me Fridays” and worse. A true ass. The club is better off dead.
    Andy Engel and his horrible bringer show system is another story. Ugh.

  4. my question would be why would ppl pay money and buy 2 drinks to see comics at Comix that I could got see for free at Kabin or The Creek and the Cave?

  5. The closing of a comedy club is sad for no other reason than it is one less place for Comedians to perform. For anyone who loves stand-up for real would see this.

  6. Yeah, is Andy Engel going to soil Gotham with his fucked-up, 15-person minimum bringer system now?!
    Hopefully, that Moleman will take it to Jersey or Long Island!

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