There's always a more interesting talk-show dynamic going on when one talk-show host appears on another host's show. And last night's episode of Conan was no different, as Conan O'Brien welcomed Craig Ferguson to the show for two panel segments. They seemed to get along just fine. Which is a nice change of pace from the ever-lingering "late-night wars" (Ferguson seems to be OK in everyone's book, though, isn't he?)

Ferguson is a new dad, so they joked about being a modern father, and appeasing their wives. Ferguson also joked about swimming with sharks, and inviting his French copycat onto his own program.


At the end, he almost forgot to plug his upcoming stand-up special, which debuts on EPIX on Feb. 19. Here's an extended behind-the-scenes clip with scenes and interview footage with CraigyFerg so you don't forget.

And a pull-quote for you from the interview:

"Anyone that doesn't embrace the mind-crushing ego-deflation of the early life of a stand-up comic shouldn't be in it."