Here's something you don't see every day…Andy Richter as a talk-show guest, where the host is the ghost of Tom Carvel (yes, the Carvel of Fudgie the Whale and Cookie Puss), and the sidekick is a topless woman. It's about to debut on Funny or Die and it's called — you guessed it — The Ghost of Tom Carvel and A Real Topless Woman.

Roll the trailer!


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I chatted with creator Guy Nicolucci, a longtime writer for Conan O'Brien, to find out more.

What more can you tell me about the series? "As for the series, it's about the two best things in the world: breasts and ice cream. If you don't like either, this show is not for you. It's a talk show hosted by Carvel's ghost, who's come back from the grave to keep selling ice cream and to find out more about his mysterious death. (The mysterious death part is true: The real Carvel died at age 79 and some people claim he was murdered….take that Brian Jones and Marilyn Monroe ). If you stay tuned, the cause of his death will eventually revealed."

How many episodes are in the works? "It's going to be 12 episodes featuring comedians being interviewed by Carvel's ghost."

Where in the Tom Carvel did you get this idea? "The idea started as a riff I did to annoy my friends: I'd channel Carvel's spirit (i.e. talk in an raspy, annoying voice) about how Ben & Jerry were dirty hippies, etc.

"Originally, I was going to play the ghost, but I realized that I'm a lousy actor. So I fired myself (I bought me a drink and told me that I was going in a different direction) and hired Brian Stack. He came in and just killed it. What he's doing is harder than voicing a cartoon character. There's no animation, just a picture of Carvel on the desk, and Brian's disembodied voice. He had to sell the whole thing, the main character of the series, just on his vocal chords.

"Andy Richter was amazing. He made every line funnier and his reaction shots are hysterical. He would have been a great silent comedian. 

And that's really a real topless woman behind those pixels, correct? "As for "The Topless Woman," she's Dru Mouser, a real actress. She's guested on Medium, House, Entourage, etc.  She was perfect – she plays Carvel's sidekick as an underdressed Margaret Dumont: She never seems to notice that she's not wearing a shirt."