Peerindex ranked British comedians on Twitter to see who has the most influence. See the top 12!

Assembling more than a million followers on your Twitter feed is all well and good, but are all of those people actually paying attention to what you're typing?

Peerindex crunched the numbers on 248 comedians in Britain (although a couple of Yanks snuck into the mix!) to see how much influence they had across multiple social media platforms, based on the following criteria:

  • Authority: how well does a person resonate with their audience, and the world at large? How likely are they to say or share things other people will find interesting?
  • Audience: how large is a persons audience? How engaged?
  • Activity: how active is a person in order to drive the resonance and audience we see?

After all of that, Peerindex comes up with a weighted number (score) between 1 and 100, and the median is 19.

PeerindexWith that, here are the top 12 British comedians on Twitter right now.

You can see the longer top 100 list of British comedians on Peerindex, along with a longer explanation of their methods.

Of course, I'm sure many of my readers want to know how the American comedians would fare…well, Peerindex? What do you say?

We already know you've given scores of 41 to both Nick Kroll and Rob Delaney. How about the rest?

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