Colin Jost on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Colin Jost is a writer on Saturday Night Live, but he made his TV debut as a stand-up comedian on a different floor of 30 Rock last night, performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Jost was a "new face" at last summer's Just For Laughs in Montreal, and he now joins several other former new facers from the past couple of years to get the opportunity to present their showcase sets on Fallon.

Roll the clip!


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9 thoughts on “Colin Jost on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  1. unreal , so lame you get hired by snl and cant do 3 minutes of original material , the baby stroller joke is a blatant steven wright rip off , i dont care if Jost was 2 yrs old when steven performed it . It is theft , i know it and one of fallons producer im sure knew it .BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. This is garbage. So lamely written and performed. He would have gotten no laughs if they didn’t mention he was an SNL writer. Though he shouldn’t get any laughs for that credit.

  3. You’re right orgconfood and this sucks. I am with you. He has had a successful year and we haven’t! Fuck him. How dare he work so hard. I cannot believe that when he went out on Fallon he didn’t have Jimmy intro him with “This guy has done some things but we won’t mention them cause we don’t want to sway your opinion either way… really he’s just a 6 min time filler cause someone big canceled…. Colin Jost!”
    And to even write for SNL in the first place… ugh! Who does he think he is? Seth Meyers? When he was offered the job, if he was a decent human being with even one ounce of ability to recognize comedic talent he would have told Lorne “Thanks for the opportunity but I think you should consider two fellas that would do a much better job. Mr. This Sucks and Mr. Orgconfood. I try but don’t come close to having the road hack bitterness and shit grammar that they have and you are looking for”
    But of coarse then Lorne would say “well, we wanted you. A young fresh original voice for SNL.”
    And then Colin would have to reply, “Lorne, you’re writing sketches for people impersonating famous people like Jack Nickolson and Arnold Schwarzenegger , why not hire comedians who already do those impressions at C and D rooms across the country,”
    But did Colin Jost do that for you us? No, and I think we know who to blame for out lack of success. Is it us for allowing jealousy to get the better of us when a fellow comedian does well. Is it because when someone we know gets something we want we obsess over that and try to tear them down rather than congratulate them and go on building our on careers. HELL NO! Now, thanks to you two telling me who to hate the lack of dates in my calendar now has a name… Collin Jost.

  4. i felt the need to post to say hey he stole a joke from steven wright , not to be a blowhard joe . If your gonna steal dont do it on a tv spot .

  5. Hooray for Colin!
    I once got a spot on an Emmy-winning TV show by answering a Craigslit ad. How you get to national television isn’t what matters. What matters is that you don’t pee yourself.
    To echo Joe’s sentiment without the generous helping of sarcastic wit, I’d say staying on staff of the number one sketch comedy show for over half a decade without getting fired should be sufficient writing credibility for doing a short set on a late night talk show. Especially considering Fallon is becoming known as the prime showcase opportunity for youngsters.
    I say this not as a butt-kissing friend of his, but as a mere acquaintance who hopes to one day get something from him. Something huge. (hands open)

  6. Dude, even if he stole the joke he played it well. People steal stuff from other people all the time. People retell other peoples jokes ALL THE TIME! I know I do! Give the guy some credit, he has a talent, he could have been nervous about being on Fallon’s show and needed a time filler. I say, ROCKY ON COLIN JOST! I LOVE YOU MAN!

  7. Jost is a hack, this guy is not funny and ill steal a line from a good WU anchor”s movie! Jost has a personality like a dead moth!

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