When you start a comedy show with a silly premise, the only place to go from there may be delirium.

In "Getting Quaid," a show currently running at the UCB Theatre in New York City, Geoff Garlock and Emily Strachan play best friends who remain best friends due to their common love of one Randy Quaid. So much so that they put their differences aside to figure out how to earn enough funny money to attend what seems like the most implausible thing: A convention devoted to Quaid. Not Dennis Quaid. Randy Quaid. Called Quaid-Con. Oh, and the whole thing is narrated by Prince (as played by Jim Santangeli). It revels in its ridiculousness. There's no big takeaway from this show. But does there always need to be? Can't you just be silly for a half-hour or so and enjoy that? Especially when your object of affection is an actor who himself is acting somewhat odd in real life (Google News "Randy Quaid").

Watch this promo for Quaid-Con and judge for yourself.


They've added this extra trailer to convince you (and Randy, too) to come check it out.