Day: December 16, 2010

Watch Kevin Hart’s reaction as a naked woman’s hair catches fire at Diddy-Dirty Money’s CD release party!

You may have heard and/or seen footage from Diddy-Dirty Money's CD release party, which during a live Ustream, featured a naked woman in a bathtub whose hair gets the Michael Jackson Pepsi treatment. For you kids, that's a 1980s reference meaning she caught her hair on fire! But check out comedian Kevin Hart, who was a host at the event, and jokingly talked about hopping into the tub with the woman in question, just before the tub got too hot to be a hot tub. "Did the camera catch that?!" Yes, Kevin. It did. Roll it! (Note: Some language is NSFW)...

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In other news…

While I remain pre-occupied on a "secret" assignment — what could it be? Am I really just sick? Am I really just tired? Am I really just sick and tired of blogging? Maybe, maybe, and no. But I am pre-occupied with other projects right now, so I should take a moment now and be diligent enough to keep you in the loop on these comedians and comedy events making headlines this week. MTV announced that in addition to having Whitney Cummings host the Jersey Shore cast for its New Year's Eve broadcast from Times Square, Cummings will have comedic backup from Nick Kroll and Bobby Moynihan. And yes, Moynihan will dress up as Snooki to face off with "Snooki." We already have the photographic evidence! Showtime already had announced it renewed The Green Room with Paul Provenza, but only now divulged a bit more concrete information about the second season. It'll be six episodes, film in January and premiere later in 2011. Among the guests: Ray Romano, Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho, Tommy Chong, Lewis Black, Ron White, Joe Rogan and Judd Apatow. Comedy Central also gave a second-season order to Ugly Americans, with 14 episodes premiering in June 2011. Among your favorite comedians providing voices for the animated series are Kurt Metzger, Natasha Leggero, Larry Murphy, Pete Holmes and Julie Klausner. Comedy Central and The Onion have launched in advance of...

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Will Randy Quaid show up for Quaid-Con? The kids from “Getting Quaid” live to dream at the UCB Theatre

When you start a comedy show with a silly premise, the only place to go from there may be delirium. In "Getting Quaid," a show currently running at the UCB Theatre in New York City, Geoff Garlock and Emily Strachan play best friends who remain best friends due to their common love of one Randy Quaid. So much so that they put their differences aside to figure out how to earn enough funny money to attend what seems like the most implausible thing: A convention devoted to Quaid. Not Dennis Quaid. Randy Quaid. Called Quaid-Con. Oh, and the whole thing is narrated by Prince (as played by Jim Santangeli). It revels in its ridiculousness. There's no big takeaway from this show. But does there always need to be? Can't you just be silly for a half-hour or so and enjoy that? Especially when your object of affection is an actor who himself is acting somewhat odd in real life (Google News "Randy Quaid"). Watch this promo for Quaid-Con and judge for yourself.   They've added this extra trailer to convince you (and Randy, too) to come check it out.  ...

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SAG reaches out to TV Land to extend love for Betty White in its 17th annual SAG Award nominations

If you were to think of the best comedies on TV in 2010, where would Hot in Cleveland rank on your list? Top 10? Wait. You aren't aware that Hot in Cleveland is an actual TV show? It's broadcasting on TV Land, for crying out loud. A land devoted to TV! It earned 4 million viewers. It's the Burn Notice of sitcoms! It's the Baby Boomers' Golden Girls, with a Golden Girl! Don't you know this is the year we all pay tribute to Betty White? Still. Quick can you name another cast member from Hot in Cleveland? Can you tell me what day and time it's on TV Land? At any rate, no matter what you thought of the show, the Screen Actors Guild clearly loved it, as they recognized the cast — and Betty White separately — with nominations for the 17th annual SAG Awards, which will be broadcast on Jan. 30, 2011, on TBS and TNT. No Community. No Parks and Recreation. No Louie. No The League. No Childrens' Hospital. No Bored to Death. No Eastbound and Down. They all came up short this year. These shows, however, did earn SAG honors this year: Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series 30 ROCK (NBC)SCOTT ADSIT / Pete HornbergerALEC BALDWIN / Jack DonaghyKATRINA BOWDEN / CerieKEVIN BROWN / DotcomGRIZZ CHAPMAN / GrizzTINA FEY / Liz LemonJUDAH...

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