On last night's episode of Conan, comedian/actor T.J. Miller performed stand-up and also did panel chat with Conan O'Brien (you don't need to wait for Johnny Carson's wave in Y2K10, because that's something only old people even remember).

For his stand-up, Miller readily acknowledged his love of drinking (and the consequences thereof) before going on to explain how he managed to deliberately get a funny face photographed for his California driver's license. Then he proved it wasn't just a bit by showing off the license to O'Brien, Andy Richter and the TV audience. Also: Don't dare Miller to prove how much he knows about giraffes. Because he knows. Oh, he knows.

Roll the clip!

Related: You can see TJ this month in the big-screen live/animated adaptation of Yogi Bear. Back in 2009, he landed his role in the movie by filming a screen test of himself with a live bear. You can see TJ Miller interact with a live bear here.