Cookie Monster’s “audition tape” for Saturday Night Live does an SNL episode in four minutes

Look, just because Facebook helped convince Lorne Michaels that Betty White could host Saturday Night Live in her 80s (with a little help from several former SNL ladies), that doesn't mean everybody else should be mounting a campaign to host the show.

Which is where Cookie Monster comes in. Cookie Monster? Cookie Monster. If you haven't already seen this video — it has been bouncing around the Internet today — I'm about to show it to you here. In this Muppet's audition tape, the blue "cookie enthusiast" tackles the major aspects of the show within four minutes, from opening credits to monologue, parody sketch, musical guest, bumpers and closing goodbyes.


Already, more than 7,000 people have liked the Facebook campaign to get Cookie Monster to host SNL.

Why do they need Facebook's help, though? The Muppets were on the very first episode of SNL and appeared throughout the first season and into the second, so you'd think someone over there still has Lorne's number.

That said, in all semi-seriousness, the video is clever and cute as most Muppet videos are, but I don't see Cookie Monster faring quite as well on the live broadcast. I do, think, however, that they could have a lot of fun inviting all of the Muppets back for a special episode when the new Muppets movie comes out next Christmas.

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